Wednesday, October 29, 2008

SotW: The Witch of Wookey

Sisterhood of the Witches
Hi guys,

today we go in Somerset, UK, to meet a local, very famous legend...


The Witch of Wookey
Deep in the dark caverns of Wookey Hole dwelt at one time the Witch of Wookey - and dwells there still, if the gossips are to be trusted, though she, her pots and pans and horrid "familiars" (as her goat) are all turned to stone.

A chagrined and disappointed woman, she used her merciless arts to blight girls' lives and keep them from the joys denied to herself. But she reckoned without a certain Holy Clerk of Glastonbury! With his Good Book he exorcised the Witch, and turned her to stone; he then cleansed from all evil the dreadful cavern.

Make sure to be back tomorrow for a new witch and have some true pulp scares everyone :)


"Sisterhood of the Witches" © 2008 Francesco Francavilla


Unknown said...

Poor maligned! I've got to say, though, they've got creepy eyes...)
Not many folk can patch together a bunch of images and keep them coherant, let alone spooky...good work again, Francesco! And thanks for helping give that Halloween spirit a hand!

rory said...

Holy crap these are amazing!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Dave: thank you so much :) I am trying to get into the spirit of Halloween ;) Wait to see the cemetery I built in my frontyard ;)
Rory: thank you, man, hope all is well :)