Friday, April 23, 2010

The Crimson Clown

The Shadow Knows
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Hello Pulp Friends,

as promised, here's the character chosen among all the entries (thanky ou so much to all who entered :).
This was a tough decision as all characters are so cool, but I went with this one for two reasons:
1) it's a character cretaed by Jonston McCulley, a creator I am quite familiar with ;)
2) I wanted to challange myself with making a guy named CRIMSON CLOWN and actually dressed as a clown to look cool. You tell me if I succeded to it or not ;)

Thanks to @Comicbookdaily, I present you the Crimson Clown! :)

And thanks to everyone for making this first edition of Pulp Fest Week so fun! Definitely planning to do it again sometime, and definitely planning to make the request thing a regular feature (time permitting).


Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla


David said...

and now you know why my 6th birthday was a disaster.

Craig Zablo said...


Pete DeCourcy said...

Oh wow.. this is AWESOME!

Thanks so much!

We're all huge fans of you over at You've made this pulp fan very, very happy!


Ted Hobgood said... Wow. I want a poster of this.

Well done!

Chad Carter said...

Absolutely cool. And you can take that to the bank because I hate f*cking clowns!

Chuck Wells said...

I'm familiar with The Crimson Clown since he was a part of Ned Pines many old publishing endeavors and I've always loved that guys output in the comic book world too.

I would say you achieved your goal quite handily.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, Dave, Craig, Pete, Ted, Chad, and Chuck, so glad you guys dig it and thought it came out cool :)
If interested in nice archival print of this you can email me via website for details