Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BPRD - Monsters #1 Variant Cover

BPRD MONSTERS #1 Variant Cover
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Hello Pulp Friends,

Back in December I announced that I got the sweet assignment from Mike Mignola and Dark Horse to do variant covers for 4 of Mike's titles. In that occasion I also revealed the first of those covers, a variant for issue 1 of HELLBOY: THE FURY, the final 3 issue arc of the collaboration of Mike with supertalented artist Duncan Fegredo. You can see the cover here.

Some speculated that my covers were all for that mini, but as you can see here today, my variants will be for issue 1 of different titles/arcs. Now that the book is in May Previews (for July's release), I can finally reveal the second of those covers: BPRD: MONSTERS #1 (of a 2 issue mini).
This issue will have a wonderful regular cover by Mike himself, and another variant by Ryan Sook (another awesome piece of art :))

If I get the ok from DH, I am gonna share the several sketches/layouts I did before we decided to finalize the one that turned in the cover you see here.

Hope you guys dig it and tune in all week for more covers in this COVER WEEK on Pulp Sunday :)


B.P.R.D.: HELL ON EARTH--MONSTERS #1 (Francesco Francavilla Variant cover)
While the Bureau's off fighting giant bat-eared beasts in Texas, Liz Sherman is kicking hillbilly ass in a trailer park!
"The acronym "B.P.R.D." has become for us synonymous for a good read . . . Keep up the good work Dark Horse!"-MTV Geek
Debut issue of new artist Tyler Crook!

Writer: Mike Mignola, John Arcudi
Artist: Tyler Crook
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Ryan Sook, Francesco Francavilla (variant)

Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla


Ken O said...

You always impress me sir, but this is fantastic.

JC said...

Concur with wholeheartedness. You always impress.

Mark said...

I loved your cover for The Fury (one of the best Hellboy covers ever really), yet somehow you've managed to top it with Monsters. I look forward to seeing the other two (tell me one of them is Lobster Johnson: The Burning Hand) and hopefully we'll see you drawing interiors one day too.