Wednesday, January 11, 2012

THE BLACK BEETLE Cover for DHP #11 revealed!!!

Dark Horse Presents #11 - The Black Beetle
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Hello Pulp Friends,

Dark Horse released an early look at the solicits for APril, and that means I can finally reveal my cover for Dark Horse Presents anthology featuring our favorite hero: The Black Beetle! :)
Hope you guys dig it and pls spread the news/link and pre-order DHP #11 at your local comicbook store.
Below is the description for #11 - as you can see, BB is in good company :)
Dark Horse Presents #11 (with the Black Beetle cover) will be on sale on APril 18.


Artwork © 2011 Francesco Francavilla
KARA BOCEK, BLACK BEETLE & COLT CITY created by, ™ and © 2006-2012 Francesco Francavilla


Francesco Francavilla (W/A/Cover), Steve Horton (W), Carla Speed McNeil (W/A), Steve Niles (W), Evan Dorkin (W/A), Tim Seeley (W), John Arcudi (W), Andrew Vachss (W), Neal Adams (W/A), Frank Barbiere (W), Michael Dialynas (A), Jonathan Case (A), Victor Drujiniu (A), Tonci Zonjic (A/Cover), Geof Darrow (A), and Luke Radl (A)

On sale Apr 18
FC, 80 pages

Don’t miss the continuing exploits of cunning assassin Amala, Carla Speed McNeil’s Finder, Evan Dorkin’s House of Fun, and Steve Niles’s Criminal Macabre.

This issue is also packed with the exciting premiere of Francesco Francavilla’s pulp-noir hero the Black Beetle, the return of John Arcudi’s The Creep, and a new story by Andrew Vachss with illustrations by Geof Darrow!

And in an exciting feature by Frank Barbiere and Luke Radl, meet the killers known as the White Suits, who have left their bloody fingerprints throughout modern history. When a young girl encounters one of the Suits during a mob deal gone wrong, she is forced to make a decision that will change her life forever—or end it!


JC said...

Was bummed it was not in this month's solicits. Too anxious for this. May it be a long, long, long run. For our sake.

Fer said...

GREAT cover!!! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

Gasp! I've been offline for too long...this is news to me! Great job, Francesco!

Chuck Wells said...

That looks great! Can't wait to see the book.

Chuck Wells said...

That looks great! Can't wait to see the book.