Sunday, July 6, 2008

9 Lombrose St. - Day 2 ~~ "Pruneface" ~~

9 Lombrose St.
Hello Pulp Friends!

No one has figured out yet who these guys are? Maybe you are still recovering from the 4th July booze or maybe you are still on the road for this long holiday weekend: wherever you are, I hope you are having great time :)
Meanwhile I am having great time on Lombrose St. As matter of fact, here's day 2 :)


Prune Face

"Lombrose St." and "9 Lombrose St." © 2008 Francesco Francavilla


Unknown said...

I know that Cesare Lombroso was the founder of "criminal anthropology"...the theory that criminals "look like criminals" for various reasons...and you've definitely got some criminal-looking guys there!) I'm thinking something Dick Tracy-ish?

SRH said...

I am with Dave here. "Look it's Prune Face"

Didn't Daffy Duck say that in Duck Tracy?

Greg said...

Have to agree, because the first one was definitely A Dick Tracy villain, the Mole, I think, and that is definitely Pruneface, so yeah, this makes me pretty happy. I love that strip.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Dave, srh, and Greg: you guys guessed it right :) Thank you for the comments and the kind words too :)
Now that the theme has been revelead, I can take the gloves off and do a Flat Top or a Big Boy next ;)
Stay tuned: you are going to love these next Pulp days :)