Saturday, July 12, 2008

9 Lombrose St. - Day 8 ~~ "Mrs Pruneface" ~~

9 Lombrose St.
Hello Pulp Friends!

We are getting closer to wrap up this (partial) gallery of Dick Tracy's rogues. One more tomorrow and then the grand finale on Monday. Stay tuned for that ;)

Meanwhile here's a lady criminal: I know, it's a pretty ugly mug but what you expect from the criminal underworld of Chester Gould? ;) She is also married to one of the previous spotlighted criminals. I think that's a tough one to guess (maybe) ;)


9 Lombrose St. - Mrs Pruneface

"Lombrose St." and "9 Lombrose St." © 2008 Francesco Francavilla


Unknown said...


...sorry, my ex-wife always does that to me....


Greg said...

Awesome Mrs. Pruneface! The reprint of her story was the first Dick Tracy comic I bought! That totally rocks, in a way, maybe only to myself.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Dave: HA! Sorry to bring back bad
memories, Dave ;)
Greg: YAY, you got it right again
and get more points for that ;)
Glad to hear this brings back good
memories, Greg :)

Don't miss the big finale tomorrow :)