Friday, July 11, 2008

9 Lombrose St. - Day 7 ~~ "Mumbles" ~~

9 Lombrose St.
Hello Pulp Friends!

Today's bad guy is once again based on the comic strip, since in the Beatty's movie he wasn't that bad or scary ;) Great interpretation by Hoffman, of course :)

Almost there... ;)


9 Lombrose St. - Mumbles

"Lombrose St." and "9 Lombrose St." © 2008 Francesco Francavilla


Unknown said...

I'm making no guesses since I'll lose geek points!)
But I love the look of this one in particular...


rory said...

These are just great, you have such a knack for this genre.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Dave: HA! Don't worry, I think everyone here (including me) has so many points that a few lost make no difference ;) Thank you, Dave :)
So, the criminal is Mumbles, but this is clearly not the movie version played (wonderfully) by Dustin Hoffman ;)
Rory: thank you :D Now if anyone would give me a Dick Tracy or Shadow book to draw ;)


Ilia said...

i think you have out done yourself on the Dick Tracy villians. Mumbles and the previous drawing are brilliant Francesco.

I have to agree with you that a Dick Tracy or a Shadow book would be great for you.

These are some of the best that you have done.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, Ilia, you are too kind :) I am definitely putting my heart in these so I am glad it shows :)