Wednesday, July 9, 2008

9 Lombrose St. - Day 5 ~~ "Influence" ~~

9 Lombrose St.
Hello Pulp Friends!

We are halfway there :) A few more villains and this little gallery will end with some fireworks (hopefully ;)). I know, the 4th July is gone, is past, but there is always room for some fireworks, yes? :)

So, let's see if I captured the today guy well: guess who's mug we have here :)


9 Lombrose St. - Influence

"Lombrose St." and "9 Lombrose St." © 2008 Francesco Francavilla


Chris Samnee said...

B.B. Eyes looks great here, sir.
Lovin' your takes on all the Tracy rogues.

Greg said...

Oh man, Influence! I was going to, er, strongly suggest him, but here he is, (not quite) as big as life, but still twice as ugly. I loved his particular episode, even when Tracy got all medieval on his contact lenses. Even when I was a kid I thought that had to hurt. Keep up the good work.

Chris Samnee said...

Oh yeah, Influence... not what I said:( I've just been deducted 10 nerd points.

Unknown said...

Sigh..I'm enough of a Dick Tracy neophyte that I don't even know the core baddies. (
Now..if this was about the SPIDER...well, that'd be different!)
Love the mugshots!)

Francesco Francavilla said...

Ok, I am taking 10 nerds points form Chris and Dave each and give 'em to Greg :D
I am glad you guys are enjoying this and thank you so much for taking time to leave such gracious notes, I really appreciate it :)

Oh, and we will get to the Spider, there is so much time ahead of us :)