Tuesday, July 8, 2008

9 Lombrose St. - Day 4 ~~ "Big Boy" ~~

9 Lombrose St.
Hello Pulp Friends!

I'm really happy to see how everyone is loving this gallery of Dick Tracy villains. It makes me want to do a Shadow villains gallery next :) Thank you so much, my friends.

Today's villain is the boss himself, Big Boy. I tried to stick closer to the strip design more than the Pacino makeup (generally speaking, I am trying to stick to the strip with all of 'em), even if I thought that makeup and that performance in Beatty's movie were one of the greatest from Pacino.


9 Lombrose St. - Big Boy

"Lombrose St." and "9 Lombrose St." © 2008 Francesco Francavilla


rory said...

These are awesome, great idea for a blog!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Thank you so much, Rory :)
And as I said, we need to hook up in SD ;)