Friday, November 13, 2009

Back to Crystal Lake

Back to Crystal Lake - A Francavilla Mystery
Hello, Pulp Friends,

I couldn't help, considering today's date, to do another Friday the 13th piece, and to make it fit in Pulp Sunday, I dressed it up like those '50s Dell covers.

Hope you guys dig it and hope you all have a Happy Friday the 13th! :D


Artwork © 2009 Francesco Francavilla.


Swands said...

great piece sir!

Kyle Latino said...

Classic Hell for Dell. It's funny, I was just looking up some Dell comics for work today.

Chuck Wells said...

Ah, Jason Voorhees! The kid who didn't appear - as depicted - in the original, despite the wretched remake that changes this factoid.

Nice illustration though.

Anonymous said...

Hate Jason, but love your image, sir.

Rob M. Worley said...

Holy moley! Amazing.

azhar said...

your work is getting awesome sir..

any new work other than zorro?

Francesco Francavilla said...

Swands: Thank you! :D
Kyle: Hehe, I like to add those little things/pun when I can :) Thank you!
Chuck: Thank you! And I too prefer the deformed bare head or the potato sack to the mask, but the hockey mask is what has become an icon so... ;)
Saundra: That's a heck of a compliment :D Thank you!
Rob: I knew you would have loved this ;) Thanks!
Azhar: Thank you! :D I completed a 6 issue mini for Wildstorm, GARRISON, which is slated for sometime in 2010. And I have a few more things cooking I can't really talk about it yet ;)
Stay tuned!


azhar said...

thanks for the update sir

definitely gonna place an order for Garrison.

dont forgate to give us preview of it . wanna be inspired by your work.

Francesco Francavilla said...

As soon I am allowed to show some pages, I will definitely will (even if probably on the sketchblog since it's not much "pulp" ;))


azhar said...

thanks for the update sir..

i cant wait for your Zorro collection