Sunday, November 29, 2009

"War Of The Worlds" (1953) Take 2

War Of The Worlds
Hello, Pulp Friends,

I did promise you that I was going back to take a more "realistic" stab at these guys for the 1953 classic "War of the WOrlds", didn't I? ;)
Well, the last thing I want to happen is that people say I don't keep my promises :)

I went a bit more elaborated (in terms of composition) on this for two reasons: 1) it's a clear tribute to my previous vintage videogame take, with the aliens coming down from the sky; 2) it's the last Sunday of November, so this is the closing tribute for this Alien month.
But fear not, since I am not nearly done with the Watchers from Outer Space, so... expect more in the future and in the meanwhile watch the skies. ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful Pulp Sunday :)


Artwork © 2009 Francesco Francavilla.
"Watchers from Outer Space" © and TM 2009 Francesco Francavilla.


Chuck Wells said...

Damn these latest sci-fi art pieces are turning out to be real gems, Francesco.

"I wanna commission!"

Yes. I'm serious, but keep these lovelies coming in the meantime.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Then Email me, Chuck :D Seriously! :)
I am slowly working on my commission list and with the holidays approaching I may have some extra time to get that list moving ;)
Thanks for the kind words on my work, Chuck, always appreciated :)