Thursday, March 25, 2010

Archie the Teen-Wolf

Archie The Teen Wolf
Hello Pulp Friends,

I posted this "pseudo" ocver earlier on Comic Twart blog for this week topic: Archie Comics! When I saw some of the 50s cover, with those 50s clothes, the idea of a mix with a classic EC style horror cover would have been a fun thing to do.
I scribbled/sketched the concept quickly (see below) and finally got around yesterday about drawing most of it. Added the type and balloons this morning and ta-daa, the dish (above cover) is served! :)
Hope you guys dig it :)

A few notes:
- in the original sketch the # on the cover was 90, which is the number for FEAR in the Italian cabala (each thing has a related number which can vary from 1 to 90). I changed the # in 66 and added JUN, which is... the 6th month, so that makes, well, you know which particular number ;)
- in the original sketch I thought to add a full moon behind the title ARCHIE. I ended up iusing the moon as cap for the i in Archie: I thought it was better that way.
- finally I slightly changed the original balloons dialagoes to make it a more immediate read



Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla


Chuck Wells said...

That's not only very moody & atmos-"fear"-ic, but also down right hilarious given the context and subject.

I tip my hat to you for a nice twist on the classic Riverdale gang.

Pierre D said...

Oh God,
that's brilliant, to say the least !

Unknown said...

Orson Wells brilliant, I'd say!
Not only is your mind twisted in just the right ways, my friend, you can produce like a powerhouse!

What a pleasure to see this piece!


Brian said...

I love it. You did a great job recreating the feel of the 1950's horror classics.

Francesco Francavilla said...

AAwww, guys, you are making me blush now, you kindest you :)
Thank you so much, Chuck, Pierre, Dave, and Brian, glad you all liked it :)
This was too much fun: I wish I was paid to draw the interiors ;)