Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baltimore: Island of the Bat

Baltimore: Island of the Bat
Hello Pulp Friends,

I wanted to share this commmission I just did for the patient Pulp Sunday friend Jake. Needless to say, this was so much fun to draw, thanks again to Christopher Golden & Mike Mignola for coming up with such cool characters and to Jake to ask me to draw this.
The original (below) is ink and inkwash on 11x17" bristol. Above is some cover "treatment". Hope you guys enjoy it :)

As usual, click on the images for a lager size/view.


Baltimore: Island of the Bat

Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla
BALTIMORE © 2010 Mike Mignola & Cristopher Golden


Unknown said...

Francesco... this piece is amazing. You've seriously become my favorite artist to follow. I'm so fascinated and inspired by your style. Thank you so much for sharing what you share.

Craig Zablo said...

I don't know the character but if he's half as cool as your drawing him makes him out to be, I'm going to have to learn more.

Vic Sage said...

Wow! I think that about sums it up, sir.

rory said...

Wow! Very nice, Francesco!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Oran: thank you, glad to have you on board of Pulp Sunday as well - you are among friends here :)
Craig: I have done my job then ;) Thank you :)
Vic & Rory: wow @ your kindness :) Thank you, sirs :)