Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ZORRO: The Conclusion!

Zorro #20
Hello Pulp Friends,

Zorro #20 is out in stores today: as I mentioned earlier, this is definitely my best and favrite issue yet, maybe because it's the conclusion of the third arc and the title is taking a break, so Matt and I wanted to leave everyone with a good read and some cool Zorro action :)

The preview of the first 5 pages is on several websites online, so here's an exclusive preview just for Pulp Sunday: the back cover and page 18, just to tease you on the content of this book :)

Hope you guys enjoy the read :)


Zorro #19

Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla

1 comment:

Unknown said...

To Francisco Francavilla:

Hi! I've been a comics fan, read and avid collector for about 4 and a half decades.

Huge Zorro fan and collector for all of that time! I like The Black Coat, too!

The one thing about the Dynamite Entertainment Zorro that does not work for me and which causes me constant disappointment is the non-stop adoration for Isabel Allende's novel, and the lack of a mustache for Zorro, which the character has had for all of his career, with a few exceptions!

Zorro is not a superhero; most all super heroes are clean shaven. Zorro's mustache is part of what makes him unique.

I curse Stephen Spielberg for the two Zorro movies, which I actually LOVE, except for the clean shaven Zorro!

I grew up with the Disney 1950's Zorro starring Guy Williams; when I think of Zorro, that is what I see!

How about accomodating old-time Zorro fans; and we are legion; there are tens of thousands of us, including on the web!

Best Wishes,

Phil Latter
Halifax, Nova Scotia