Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mad Doctors: Dr. Alex Zorka

The Phantom Creeps
Hello Pulp friends :)

As mentioned, there are too many mad doctors and crazy scientist to fit in one week, but I couldn't pass on the kindly requested Dr Zorka, also because I couldn't let this first Mad Doctor Week go without a Bela Lugosi tribute :)

So here he is, in all his intense and signature look, while working on his 8 foot tall robot he created to distroy the mankind. Yeah, becuase Dr Zorka is that kind of mad scientist, aiming to the world domination!

The tagline for the 12 episode serial that aired in the early '40s:
Sinister scientists... foreign spies...
federal agents... and a pretty girl...
crashing through amazing adventures!"

It reads like a truckload of FUN to me :D

Note: I know that he eventually shaves his beard during the serial, but I couldn't resist to draw a bearded Lugosi. ;)

See you tomorrow with another crazy Doc!


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Cunningham said...

the mysterious Dr. Satan perhaps?

Unknown said...

this is cool as always , i cant wait to see the next one

Unknown said...

Huzzah! Thanks for doing that, Francesco! It is indeed a crazy, quirky movie (originally a serial), and watching Bela during it is fantastic. Good choice to go with the beard!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Bill: In the next round perhaps? ;)
Slavi: thank you so much :D
Dave: glad you liked it :D Now I need to find the whole serial in DVD ;)