Friday, June 12, 2009

Mad Doctors: Dr. Moreau

The Island of Lost Souls
Hello Pulp friends :)

Mad scientist? How about those who like to play GOD? ;)

Created by the pen of Herbert George Wells, the mad Dr Moreau tries to mix humans with animals in a lost island in the middle of the ocean. The novel has been adapted 4 times for the big screen, but the best version is still the original one, "The Island of Lost Souls", 1933, directed by Erle C. Kenton and starring Charles Laughton as the mad doctor. The movie was so filled with excesses and sadism that was censored... a lot!

Filmed in an expressionistic style by director Erle C.Kenton, with dramatic shadows running up walls as if darkness itself is evil, Island of Lost Souls is a marvel of storytelling, pulling back layer upon layer from the mystery to reveal the horrific truth of Dr.Moreau ’s experiments and providing plenty of suspense along the way.

Little trivia: Bela Lugosi was one of Dr.Moreau ’s “manimals.”


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