Monday, June 8, 2009

Mad Doctors: Dr Paul Rigas

Man Made Monster
Hello Pulp friends :)

Today we start a new feature called "MAD DOCTORS"! All week long I will be portraying famous mad doctors and insane scientists, brilliant minds which have gone completely wrong in the name of Science. Of course, mine will be all tributes to fictional characters as introduced in many classic horror and sci-fi movies.

So let's get it started with Dr Paul Rigas (starred by Lionell Atwill) in "Man Made Monster" (1941) directed by George Waggner.

The Plot: A mad scientist transforms a man in some sort of robot, to use him as personal slave.
The title was translated in "The Electric Man" for the European distribution. This movie also represents the first of a long series of collaboration between Lon Chaney Jr and the Universal Pictures.

Hope you guys will enjoy the feature and feel free tod rop feedback or suggestions: I am planning to have a Mad Doctors week every now and then so anything that doesn't make it in this week will be saved for later.
See you tomorrow with another Mad Doctor!


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Unknown said...

What about Doctor House he is mad ? :)

Cool ,nice new feature mate keep it up

Doc Shaner said...

I know it's really more of a comedy, but you've got to do Gene Wilder's Dr. Frankenstein from "Young Frankenstein". That's an all-time favorite of mine.

Neue Ziel said...

Goddammit. Francesco hooks all of us to Blacy Beetle and now starts posting art and bits of info. About Mad Doctors? Seriously, I've more than enough of my "Pulp Fix" this week.

Fortunately, I can't get enough of this. Keep doing it Francesco, you're putting a lot of effort into this to share with the world what Pulps are about!

P.S I'll "pimp" this on Twitter right now!

SIMON said...

It probably would have been easier for Rigas to just hire an assistant or a maid.


Great start to this series Francesco. I love the reds that have been sneaking in to your pictures recently.

Francesco Francavilla said...

Slavi: HA! That would be fun to draw but he is not that kind of "doctor" ;) Thanks, glad you liked the new feature :)
Evan: that's one of my all-time fave too, LOVE that movie :D But I have to save a goggled Wilder for later since I already have Cushing this week as Frankenstein.
Neue: HA! But the mad doctors are in "between" Sundays so I am not messing anything up I hope ;) Thank tou for digging this and thanks for pimping it on Twitter (same thanks goes to Twitting Dave too :))
Simon: HA, true that! Yeah, sometime people just like to complicate things ;) Thank you too for the "red" love :)


Chad Carter said...

Goggles, baby!

Francesco Francavilla said...

You gotta love goggles :D Thank you, Chad :)