Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mad Doctors: Dr. Caligari

Das Kabinett Des Dr. Caligari
Hello Pulp friends :)

Today we continue our "MAD DOCTORS" gallery with maybe the oldest evil, mad doctor on the big screen: Dr Caligari!

From the classic - and German expressionism masterpiece - "Das Kabinett Des Dr. Caligari", 1919, directed by Robert Wiene and starring Werner Krauss as Caligari and Conrad Veidt as the sleepwalker- some sort of zombie ante-litteram.

Plot: An Asylum director discovers an old manuscript of the '700s about a certain Caligari who, using hypnosis, pushes a medium to kill several people. Undercover, the asylum director tries to emulate the experiment and pushes a sleepwalker, who is one of his patients, to murder several people. When the experiment is discovered, the director joins his patients behind the walls of the asylum.

Ommy, there are so many "Mad Doctors" out there that I am tempted to do another full week in July (or sooner).
Meanwhile ,see you tomorrow with another Mad Doctor!


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Neue Ziel said...

The plot of the movie is really interesing, and the portrait of the Mad Doctor is really great, the color work really sets the mood. Let's see if I can watch these movies someday (I have to, Francesco ordered me to).

Unknown said...

I agree with you about there being too many Mad Doctors about! It would be hard to pick who to include and who to leave out.
I'm looking foward to seeing Doctor Zorka from Phantom Creeps! Thanks, Francesco!


Francesco Francavilla said...

Neue: I didn't order it, Dr Caligari did... look at him in his eyes and you'll see...look at his eyes... ;)
Dave: It definitely requires another Mad Doctors Week or two. Meanwhile I hope you are happy with the Dr Zorka I just posted :)