Thursday, July 8, 2010

Meet Me At That Diner At The Corner...

(click on the above image for a larger view)

Hello Pulp Friends,

I am currently working on two (2!) comicbook projects I am not allowed to talk about yet.
So, yeah, this is some pre-production design work I did for one of them. A little sneak peek to you all friends of Pulp Sunday of things to come (very soon) :)


Artwork © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.


David Cranmer said...

This reminds me of the famous Nighthawks (1942) painting by Edward Hopper.

Deka Black said...

I believe was the idea

Francesco Francavilla said...

HA! I think any corner diner will remind Hopper's iconic painting, even if here the similiarity is accidental :) I DO love Hopper's art so I am flattered :)
Thank you, David & Deka.


David Cranmer said...

Of course, I meant that comparison in the best posssible way. Your art here is very sharp.

Chuck Wells said...