Friday, July 23, 2010

U.S.R.A. The Factory

US Robot Army
~~ click on the image for 1200px wide view ~~

Hi guys, I couldn't help to do some more concept art about this.
This scene in particular was burning in my mind and had to put it on paper :)
This is a rough concept art illo that eventually I will bring to a more finished stage, meanwhile I thought you guys would get a kick out of it :)

Again, please lemme know your thoughts about a possible U.S.R.A. sequentials project: thumbs up, thumbs down, insults, props, whatever - it's all good and will help me to figure out better how much energy I need to put in this :)

And while we are at it, let me assure you KARA BOCEK will eb back with the second and concluding part soon. Stay tuned!


Artwork & U.S.R.A. (United States Robot Army) © 2010 Francesco Francavilla.
US Robot Army
~~ click on the image for giant ROBOT view ~~


Lenny said...

These are wonderful! I love the whole concept of the USRA and the vintage look of it all. I would love to see more designs and concepts. Keep it up!

Rick said...

I have thought all of the USRA stuff has been great, and I've enjoyed it thoroughly! I would love to see more designs, concepts. I really like the adverts you did. I would totally frame 'Spitfires and Robots' and put up in the office or garage (where the rest of my cool art and posters get sent to). Great colors too. Keep up the great work!

Little John said...

Cool! Sign me up for this book!

Monkey Pipe said...

Big, huge thumbs up!

Count me in, looks beautiful.

Jamie Gambell

Deka Black said...

Two thumbs and a beer glass up! I like to see more. Specifically, mor eof the insides of the cockpit.

Ken O said...

Sign me up sir. I want to see more. I'd love to see a book based on this.

Robert Hack said...

Thumbs up. Definitely thumbs up.

Julia said...

I would love to see more of USRA. All the posters and concept art has been fantastic.

Evan "Doc" Shaner said...

Let me know what we need to do to get more USRA and I'm there, Francesco.

RobSchwager said...

I wanna see sequentials / this as a book.

I want one of those permits.

I want to see the USRA logo on a shirt.

I'll grab em all from you at DragonCon...

Kyle Henry said...

Great stuff! Put me down for one! I love the WW2 style propaganda slogans.

Esteban Pedreros said...

Are theseGiant Robots fighting the Nazi Giant Robots, or did the Earth got Invaded by Giant Alien Robots and Conquered Europe?!