Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Black Beetle: "No Way Out" Ashcan

Black Beetle: No Way Out Cover
Hello Pulp friends :)

I am so glad you all enhoyed page 5, and trust me, things are getting even hotter in the next 4-5 pages. But before we get to those (in the next weeks) I am gonna be at Heroes Conthis weekend, and, as mentioned, I will have some BB goodies.

What goodies? Well, first of all I am printing a limited (numbered and signed) 100 copies of the very first Black Beetle ashcan, "No Way Out" (that's the title of the first arc).
It contains the first 5 sequential pages (which you have seen on Pulp Sunday) and a sketchbook section with lots of concepts and illos. The ashcan is limited to 100 copies and I will only bring part of those to Heroes, so I will have a few more for Dragon Con and SDCC and some to sell online to those interested.
The book is fully colored, tip to toe, has 12 pages plus inside covers, and measures approx. 7.5x10.75" (magazine size). You can see the front cover above and the interior front cover below.
All books come with a quick Black Beetle sketch (when purchased from me - I am planning to send some to a few stores without sketch) in the inside back cover (I create a space there for this purpose).
Those who are interested please email me using the contact button via my website.

Other goodies are a large print, 13x19", archival ink on archival paper, of the cover/movie poster above (email for rates if interested), and other items like the mousepads and shirts which are also available on Zazzle and CafePress (that's where I ordered mine ;)).
Cafe Press

Of course, if you are going to be at Heroes, feel free to stop by even if just to say hi :)
Have a great Pulp Week everyone :)


UPDATE! Hey all -

Just wanted to post an update on the ashcan prices. I am getting lots of email requests so thank you all so very much for your support. I am printing 100 of these in 2 versions (50 each, all graphics & content is the same):

Version 1 (#1-50/100): The deluxe model - has in-house-printed cover on bristol board (more muted colors & a bit more pulpy feel on the cover), includes quick BB bust or quick BB full figure sketch - $20 + shipping
Version 2 (#51-100/100): The regular model - has commercially printed cover, includes quick BB head sketch - $10 + shipping

Once again, the content and graphics (cover and interiors) are exactly the same so nobody is missing anything between the two versions. The difference is just in the cover paper and the sketch it comes with.

Shipping costs - $5 domestic US; $11 international - all ashcans sent U.S. priority or global mail envelope
Due the limited run on these, please limit orders to one copy each.

Prints are 30$ + shipping for 11.7x16.5" and $40 + shipping for 13x19" - archival ink on archival paper.

Just email me with what you want and I'll send you my paypal address. Those who already emailed me don't need to re-send email - I will reply to you all soon. Probably I won't be shipping anything until I get back from Heroes convention since I still have to pack and draw some more Zorro pages before I go. :)

Again, thank you so much for the support and the positive reaction to Black Beetle, I really appreciate it :)


Black Beetle: No Way Out Cover

Update #2
Just got today my shipment from Zazzle, just in time for the show. I ordered a few BB items to have at the show and also to check on the quality and the quality is definitely there :D
I took a (quick) picture of what I will have at my table (and on the WEB after that).


Black Beetle: No Way Out

All images © 2009 Francesco Francavilla.
BLACK BEETLE & COLT CITY created by, ™ and © 2009 Francesco Francavilla


Doc Shaner said...

Wow, looks great! Really wish I'd been able to make it to Heroes, Francesco. Maybe next year I suppose!

I'd be interested in one of the books if you've got any left after the con season, I'll e-mail you at some point.

SIMON said...


I LOVE the BB logo. So simple, yet so darn cool. Gotta get me a mug or something.

Awesome covers for the ashcan too.

Unknown said...

I hear that the director has cameo appearences in every issue!!

Or perhaps, Francesco IS the Black Beetle? Hmm.....)

Ok, I've got to sign up for one of those ashcans.....this stuff is great!

Enjoy the Con, my friend! I wish I was there!


Unknown said...

And my favorite musician is about to release a single or more of mini-album ,Look so awesome like one old guy would say this is so spectacular, no it's a sensational
Black beetle .i just wish if i ever had the chance too meet up with you in some of the cons

Francesco Francavilla said...

Evan: yeah, too bad you couldn't make to the show this year - I am really looking forward to meet you in person and have that drink one day ;) Email me anytime :)
Simon: Thank you :D That logo was a lucky intuition! :) I haven't set a mug yet but I suppose I need to fix that next week ;)
Dave: no kidding! I was used to draw myself in all my eralier comics - small parts or cameos but I was in all of them. Need to get back to do that ;) And yes, I wish you too were coming to the show. Another rain check!
Slavi: Thank you! :) I don't do as many convention as I would like, but they are pretty spread during spring/summer and touching both US coast so eventually I should be easy to find if you live her ein US and plan to go to these shows.

As you have noticed, I updated the post with pricing info. Again I will be bringing just a few copies to the show so there should be still enough inventory after that for internet orders.
Thank you so much for the support, everyone :)


Chad Carter said...

Oh heeeellll yes, I will want one!

BobbyNash said...

Read my copy this morning. Great stuff. Looking forward to the rest of the story. Thanks again for the great piece of art too.

Great catching up with you at Heroes. I hope you hasd a great show.


Neue Ziel said...

Gee, this stuff looks sweet!

Francesco Francavilla said...

Hi guys,

Heroes was (once again) a great show for me (thanks to all who commissioned me convention sketches and bought my books and prints) and for Black beetle too: I sold out of the 30 copies I brought with me at the show (10 de-luxe and 20 regular). Everyone was picking up the sample ashcan I had on my table and ask the same question: "When it's coming out?" :D
I think our BB has definitely made an impression on the crowd at the show :)
I am going to email the pulp-friends who rodered the ashcan now and give all the paypal info so I can ship some books this weekend. If you haven't specified which copy you want, please email me with the choice.

Chad: email me ;)
Bobby: great to see you at the show and thanks for stopping by. I am glad you enjoyed the book and the sketch too :) Stay tuned for more.
Neue: Thank you so much :)


Jake said...

I'm having trouble finding your email. I would love to snag a print, and a version 1.